Further Terror Update – Saturday 10.9.15

Saturday 10.9.15
We witnessed many incidents today, Shabbat.  Of main concern is the increasing violence being shown in a number of Arab villages and towns in Israel  and an increasingly explosive situation along the Gaza Strip.
With regard to the Strip, just a few minutes ago, Israel Channel 2 news reported that some 70 Palestinians from Gaza approached the border fence close to Kibbutz Kissufim and attempted to break through to Israel.  The area was, apparently, carefully chosen as security forces where some distance away from the area.  Dozens of Palestinians did manages to infiltrate into Israel but were apprehended by security forces responding to automatic alarms generated by the border fence’s system.  The infiltrators were, according to news reports, unarmed.
This is perhaps one of Israel’s biggest fears – how to respond to a situation where hundreds and possibly thousands of Gazans approach the fence in an attempt to bring it down and storm a Jewish village or town.
There has also been speculation as to the possibility of Palestinian terrorist organisations in  Gaza  increasing their shelling and rocketing of Israel.  If this should occur, there could be a very real possibility of  the conflict escalating even more. The EVP