They Are At It Again

The Palestinians are stabbing people, killing people, throwing stones at people again.  For what?  Jewish people sitting down waiting for a bus get stabbed,  Jewish people walking in the Old City of Jerusalem get attacked and stabbed,  the Palestinians are killing and hurting innocent people who are minding their own business.  The strange thing is a Palestinian attacks someone for no reason, it would be different  in self defense.  This isn’t the case though.  Stabbings and attacks are now happening all over Israel and all we want is to live in a peaceful environment.  I quote this from an article from the Yahoo News by  Fare S. Akram ” Gaza-based Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh meanwhile applauded the recent Palestinian stabbing attacks across Israel at a speech in Gaza, calling the surge in violence an intifada, or uprising.

It is amazing to me how the militant Arabs start the trouble and blame Israel for the trouble they themselves are causing.  They bully us and expect us to allow the stones to hit us and hurt us.  They want war it is obvious, yet the world blames Israel for protecting it’s people.  The people in Gaza shoot rockets into Israel and Israel gets blamed for protecting itself.  Who shot first people?!  Wake up , it doesn’t take a brain scientist to figure out whose to blame here.

I know one thing and that is the G-d of Israel will protect Israel and the Jewish people…period.