Israel’s Independence Day and Memorials

Siren, ceremony mark start of Israel’s Memorial Day

JERUSALEM (JTA) — Israelis “are not a people of war,” President Reuven Rivlin asserted at a candle-lighting ceremony at the Western Wall in Jerusalem to mark the start of the country’s Memorial Day.

Rivlin spoke Tuesday night after a one-minute siren sounded throughout Israel, bringing the nation to a halt on a commemoration known in Hebrew as Yom Hazikaron.

“Our sons did not go to battle thirsty for blood. Not this past summer, not those before, not in our sorrow in those that, God forbid, are still to come,” he said. “We are forced to fight. Our children are sentenced to continue to hold a weapon in order to guard our borders, to defend our homes, on the factory that we have built here. The defense of our existence is the way of our lives.

Rivlin added, “There is no camp – no camp – in which there is no death. I’ve seen the sons of kibbutzim and settlements, moshavim and villages, Jews and non-Jews, urban people, lone soldiers and immigrants. I came to them too late. I got to know them when they were no longer here.”

Earlier, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu held a ceremony at the headquarters in Jerusalem of Yad Lebanim, the association for families of fallen soldiers. He spoke about his family’s continuing grief for his brother, Yonatan, who died in 1976 during the rescue of kidnapped Israelis in Entebbe, Uganda. The prime minister had visited his brother’s grave earlier in the week in order to avoid disturbing bereaved families on the actual day.

A second siren, two minutes long, will sound at 11 a.m. Wednesday and marks the beginning of official memorial ceremonies throughout Israel.

Some 23,320 fallen soldiers and civilian victims of terror are being recognized this year, including the 116 soldiers and civilians who were killed or died in the last year, among them the  67 soldiers and five civilians killed in Israel’s operation in Gaza last summer. The figure of 23,320 fallen soldiers is calculated from 1860, when Jews first began to settle outside of Jerusalem.

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The Holocaust Remembrance Day

I have never experienced the Holocaust Day of Remembrance like I did today here in Israel.  The sirens went off, I was standing at the window looking over the country side, watching the people getting out of their cars and standing completely still. People walking come to a standstill, no one was moving, no car was driving, just the sound of the siren going off without stopping for a solid 2 minutes.  It brought tears to my eyes as I imagined the horrible tragedy and the fear that some have of what is to come.

Later we saw a bus full of Palestinians, we waved at them and smiled, they looked surprised as they waved back and smiled.  People want peace with each other.  It’s  money, power and greed that create war.

Israel Needs You


The EVP is Emergency Volunteer Project for Israel in crisis.  Many people throughout the world have joined and being trained by the Israeli Firefighters to help Israel.  Please read below to see if you can help.

Israel is interested only in protecting the Jewish people and living in peace and will continue to protect the people until all the rockets are stopped and tunnels are destroyed.  There are many many Arab and Islamic States but only One State that belongs to Israel, we need to help her stay free.

Why Israel Needs You

Israel experiences the ever present threat of an enemy attack and is in need of additional manpower to best protect her most precious assets…the men, women and children of Israel.

Because of the ongoing threat and dangerous reality of attack from the ever- growing Arab extremism, Israel must stand ready to face the next crisis. Israel’s enemies, armed with over 50,000 missiles, are planning to launch attacks on Israeli homes and towns, threatening the civilian population who are the most vulnerable. The EVP has made it possible for concerned and caring individuals and communities to take an active role in helping Israel, by partnering with them during times of emergency, when additional help is most needed.


EVP Training in Israel 

Training commences on Saturday 1st November in the evening and ends on Friday 7th of November in the early afternoon.

During that time, participants will be taking part in intensive training sessions and volunteering at various emergency stations.

Further details will be available soon.  The number of places is limited.  To ensure your participation we recommend registering with our US volunteer Coordinator here or the EVP Israel office here. Go to